Dropshipping means you sell a product without having actual stock of the product in your hand, if it says in other words, you buy a product from a seller from eBay at a lower price and sell it on Amazon for a higher price and after product is sold, eBay seller ships the product to shipping address of Amazon customer.

So there is no need to maintain stock inventory at your home.

All you have to do is research best selling products on a certain ecommerce website and compare the price of it with other competitive ecommerce websites such as eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, If you feel you can buy a product for a lower price in one website compared to other websites, buy those products and sell them for a higher price in other ecommerce sites and give shipping addresses of the end customer.

Then you’ll be able to make some money without investing money.

Skills Required:

Common sense about selling products online and good analytical skills about prices of the products listed in ecommerce websites.

Way to Monetize:

After a promoted product is sold at a higher price, you’ll get the difference of the selling price and the buying price as the profit.