Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the most cost effective ways to earn money from the Internet by using less resources as a beginner.

You don’t have to buy an expensive DSLR camera or lighting equipment to start an attractive YouTube channel but only needs a good concept.

Nowadays as every person has his/her own smartphone, you can use your mobile phone camera to shoot good quality videos as a beginner.

Here I give you some concepts to choose a niche for your channel:

  • Record playtime videos of your own pet
  • Record the correct way to wash a vehicle
  • Snap cooking ideas while making your own sandwich
  • Review a book with a rich content that you’ve already read
  • Review a movie you watched
  • Teach your mother tongue using a whiteboard
  • Record videos when you travel with your family
  • Show your tree plantations at your garden

I have given you above the simplest ideas to start a YouTube channel by using your smartphone camera.

Apart from this you can record your computer screen and teach something you already know or you can learn one basic computer software lesson per day from YouTube and teach the same on your own channel.

Here I give you some tips:

  • Teach how to organize files in a computer
  • How to add text or special effects to a photo
  • How to edit a video clip
  • Talk about some educational websites

There are so many ways to create quality videos for your channel, get some ideas from here and think out of the box as well.

Good luck!

Skills Required:

Common sense with some basic skills on cutting video clips (editing)

Way to Monetize:

YouTube has its own monetization method called YouTube adsense, you’ll get knowledge of it after creating a YouTube channel which takes only a few minutes.