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Teach Your Native Language

Today people need to learn another language to communicate with their business partners, customers or friends while travelling around the world or having conversation online.

With globalization no one can survive alone, every country needs support from another country. But as native languages are different from country to country you come across this problem.

Even if someone needs to travel to another country for leisure, he or she must know some basics of their native language.

You can teach your native language to other people in the world who need the same for a fee.

For that purpose an online service has been launched by the name of iTalkie.

All you have to do is to create a teacher account on iTalkie website and set your price for teaching your native language to someone in the world.

Suitable for:

Anyone who can teach his/her native language to someone in the world.

Way to Monetize:

After teaching lessons, you’ll earn money.